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by Mathias 10. January 2009 17:43

If you want to bring your WPF skills to the next level, you don't want to miss this all-day event! Bay.Net, the San Francisco Bay Area .NET user group, will have two rock-stars coming all the way from Microsoft, in an exciting workshop, with plenty of time dedicated to hands-on lab time.

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Where and when?

Hewlett Packard
Building 48
19447 Pruneridge Ave., OakRoom
Cupertino, CA 95014

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009
9:00 AM  - 6:00 PM

Event Description

This all day training event is designed to teach developers how to create WPF Line of Business Applications that can easily be Unit Tested. The Model-View-ViewModel (M-V-VM) pattern will be used as a guideline for the application structure. Many aspects of WPF LOB programming will be covered including validation, logging, UI entry error notification, exception handling, layered application architecture, Unit Testing and a short introduction to memory profiling. At the end of the day, developers should have a good grasp on M-V-VM and how to create their own testable WPF LOB applications.

For the lab time, we will provide an application walkthrough that attendees can complete during the lab time. Walkthrough will be in C# and VB.NET. Additionally, if you have a current WPF application and want to move it to M-V-VM bring it with you on your laptop. You can get started on the project during the lab. This way you'll have hands on help to get to up and running.

Presenter's Bio

Karl Shifflett is a Program Manager II at Microsoft. He has been on the WPF Designer Team since August of 2008. Before Microsoft, Karl was a software architect, former Microsoft MVP, current Code Project MVP and MCAD from Bellevue, Washington. He has been designing & developing business applications since 1989 and transitioned to .NET in March of 2003. In April of 2007 he joined the list of WPF and Microsoft Expression fanatics & evangelists. Karl is an exciting and enthusiastic speaker. He is a member of Team Mole that delivered Mole Visualizer For Visual Studio to the world. He is also the author to XAML Power Toys and loves WPF LOB. You can check his blog at

Jaime Rodriguez is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He focuses on 'client technologies' and specializes in WPF and Silverlight. Jaime has been working with WPF for 4+ years, and has assisted many G500 companies in their adoption of WPF. You can find some of Jaime's seldom blog posts at

Click here for the full event information!


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