Mathias Brandewinder on .NET, F#, VSTO and Excel development, and quantitative analysis / machine learning.

About me

My name is Mathias Brandewinder. My specialty is the design and development of decision systems and forecasting models. I have been developing .NET applications for the past 8 years, for a variety of industries ranging from biotech to retail and global health. I am very passionate about F#, good design and development practices, with a specific interest in test-driven development, and enjoy looking at code, arguing about it, any finding ways to make it better.

I am a Microsoft MVP for F#, and was previously MVP for VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office). I lead the San Francisco chapter of the Bay.NET user group, and the San Francisco F# user group. I speak somewhat regularly at user group meetings. I hold a MS in Operations Research from Stanford, an MS in Economics from the University of Paris 10, and a MBA from ESSEC.

When not in front of my computer, I can often be found at the gym practicing Muay Thai. Or at the closest Coffee House, having my umpteenth Espresso of the day.

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You can find some of my code on GitHub and CodePlex.


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