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by Mathias 22. February 2010 10:23

In our previous installment, we went through adding a Custom Task Pane to Excel to host the user interface of our VSTO add-in. However, we left off with one problem to solve. The task pane is shown when the add-in starts up, but if the user closes it, there is no mechanism to show it again. We will resolve that problem by using the ribbon, adding a button that restores the task pane visibility.

First, we will create a new folder in our project, called “Ribbon”. Right-click the folder, select “Add > New Item”, and pick “Ribbon (Visual Designer)” from the available templates. We will call our ribbon “AnakinRibbon”.

By now, your solution should look like this:


Visual Studio displays a visual interface, representing the ribbon we will use for Anakin:


By default, the ribbon comes pre-populated with a tab called “TabAddIns”, labeled Built-In. This reflects the fact that, by default, your add-in ribbon will show up in the standard Add-Ins tab of the ribbon.

While this would be perfectly acceptable, we actually want to add our add-in to an existing Ribbon tab, the “Review” tab. It seems like a natural place to find functionality related to comparing different versions of a spreadsheet, and this way, we can avoid crowding the Ribbon with new tabs, and integrate seamlessly with Office, without minimal disturbance to the user experience.



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