Welcome to Clear Lines Consulting

Clear Lines specializes in designing and implementing decision-support and forecasting systems. We work with organizations to identify the technology and analytic methods that best meet their specific challenges. Through a collaborative process, we design our solutions to integrate complex analytic methods with the client’s core business model, so that users can interact in a natural way with their data, and derive clear insights from the analysis.

We have experience in designing and delivering solutions for organizations ranging from emerging biotech companies to large global health organizations. Our applications are primarily developed with the Microsoft .NET platform, but we also occasionally deliver Excel-based solutions.

What sets us apart from other software and business consulting houses is our wide-ranging interdisciplinary expertise in quantitative analysis methods. The breadth of our experience spanning such domains as economics, decision and risk analysis, simulation, optimization and finance, ensures our clients the largest possible palette of options, as we work together to create new solutions; it also enables a uniquely tight integration between quantitative analysis and software engineering.